Integrating Slack and Figma

Integrating Slack and Figma

How to set up Figma to receive updates in your slack whenever there are new comments or changes.

At the time of writing Figma doesn’t have the most verbose documentation, but don’t be deterred because it’s an amazing tool which will be on par with Sketch very soon. [prediction]

If you are trying to integrate Figma with Slack then the first thing that you need to make sure is that you have set up a Team in Figma, and you aren’t using your personal Figma. See here:

Set up Figma team

And after you have set up your team click Authorize with Slack

Authorize Slack

Whoa, what happened? Absolutely nothing yet. We now need to configure which channel we would like to send notifications to, so start by creating a new Project within your team and then click the “bell” icon up the top right to Manage notifications.

Manage notifications in Figma

It will be straightforward from here. You will need to choose which Slack channel you would like to send notifications to and every comment will appear there. The best thing about setting up the Slack integration? All your team members can sign into Figma using their Slack account. Too easy!