New Business Checklist

I’m often or thinking of new businesses, or asked to help launch them for someone. The following is an (ever changing) checklist to ensure that the business is worth my time.


  • Who are the customers
  • What are the relevant channels: Referral, SEO, SEM, Social, Direct Offline, Direct Online
  • For each channel, how much is the CAC
  • For each channel, what is the reach?

Revenue per customer

  • How much will the customer spend on the first transaction
  • What is their Lifetime Value? (How many transactions)


  • What is the MVP staff count (operations and marketing)
  • What is the baseline tech costs: Email subs, slack etc
  • What is the MVP tech costs: how long will dev take, how many techies will it take


  • How long will it take to become raman profitable
  • How much runway does the team have with current funding (including personal runway)
  • How difficult will it be for the team and business to get VC funding