WTF LinkedIn

My attempts to remove a company from LinkedIn.

A while ago I did some work for a company. They recently stopped operating so they asked me to delete their LinkedIn company page. Sounds like a simple request but it cost me a few hours of frustration.

Since I was the only admin of this page I assumed that deleting it would be one or two clicks (perhaps a confirmation email too). After navigating through their terrible new interface to find a distinct lack of “Delete” button I finally resorted to Google and found this :

The Company Page must have fewer than 10 affiliated employees in order for us to remove the page.

The company only 3 employees, so I didn’t think this was the problem.

But when I went on to the page I found out that it had more than ten employees affiliated.

LinkedIn Employees

I’ve cropped this list to make it fit better.

I assumed these people had made a simple mix up but LinkedIn only allows me to message direct connections so I couldn’t notify them that they had the wrong company.

The second approach - customer support.

I sent a quick message to customer support explaining the situation. 6 days later when they responded with this update:

What you’ve encountered is a known issue and I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Our engineering team is working on it but there’s no estimate as to how long that might take. We’ll do our best to keep you posted.

However, for some of the profiles we have notified the alleged infringers that the content will be removed within 14 days, unless we receive a valid Counter-Notice. If a valid Counter-Notice form is submitted, we’ll let you know.

A known issue. But it seemed fairly positive. Then several days later we reached this stalemate:

Dear Paul,

You recently notified us about information on a LinkedIn member’s profile that you believed was inaccurate. We received a counter-notice from that member and as a result, will not remove the content. If provided with formal judicial process, we’ll revisit the matter.

Feel free to reach out to us again in the future if anything changes or if you have any further questions.



Ashwini, LinkedIn Trust & Safety

To summarise: others believed they had the right company and I (the only admin for the page) was incorrect. Ashwini effectively delegated the problem back to me, with no apparent control to fix the problem. I don’t know exactly how start a “formal judicial process” (or even which jurisdiction is the correct jurisdiction).

The final approach.

Since I was shutting the company down anyhow I just changed all the details to clearly show it was a fake company. Anyone associated with it then had this on their profile:

Justice Served

(In case you cant read it: “This company page is no longer operational. Unfortunately LinkedIn support won’t let me delete it because too many fake employees are linked to it. I asked them to remove these fake employees but it seems that anyone still claiming to work here is probably trying to commit LinkedIn fraud.”“)

LinkedIn Fraud.

Searching the internet for “LinkedIn Fraud” pulls up numerous situations similar to my own. LinkedIn doesn’t seem too concerned with dealing with the problem (even though it is a known issue). So if you ever want to “work for Google” feel free to list it as one of your jobs. There’s not much Google can do about it.

Edit: a few months later everyone had removed it from their LinkedIn and I was able to delete.