A list of code snippets and tips that I use across my projects, servers, or dev machines.

4/18/2019, 1:00:43 PM

AWS Beanstalk Swap File

Adding a swap file to small Beanstalk servers so that they don't fail when installing npm packages.

4/6/2019, 12:37:14 PM

Debounce and Throttle

Two different methods for rate limiting in your code.

4/10/2019, 10:42:09 AM


Some useful docker commands

4/19/2019, 6:55:27 AM

Ecto / Phoenix cheatsheet

Useful cheatsheet for Ecto/Elixir/Phoenix

4/6/2019, 12:37:14 PM

Useful adjustments to GA

Useful adjustments to Google Analytics

4/10/2019, 10:42:09 AM

Kill Processes

Kill multiple common processes in one go

4/10/2019, 10:42:09 AM


Some useful regex

4/18/2019, 3:50:39 PM

Javascript Snippets for VSCode

Useful shortcodes and snippets for VS Code