Debounce and Throttle

It's a pretty common situation on the web where the user triggers a lot of events within a short amount of time. Here are a few examples:

  • Someone is creating a new username and you need to lookup whether it is unique
  • A user is searching and as they type you call a "search()" function
  • Fetching more blog posts as a user is scrolling

In the past I wrote my own code to mitigate any issues caused here but today I stumbled across debounce() and throttle(). You can read about them in full here, but in summary:


Debounce will wait until you have after finished calling a certain function numerous times, and group all of those functions together. It is good for the search example above - you only want to call the function when the user has stopped typing. The after part is key here - if a user kept typing consistently for an hour, the function would only be called once at the end of that hour.


Throttle will call the function, but only once per interval that you specify. A good use for this would be when a user is writing a blog post and you want to save it every five seconds (while they are typing). Compared to debounce, this would not wait until the user has stopped typing - so if the interval was 10 seconds, the function would have been called 360 times after an hour of consistent typing (6 times per minute, for 60 minutes).