# Life

Decision making framework for life events


# Minimise regret

Make decisions based on the least possible regret.

# Always try your best

So that you can always look back and be satisfied that the outcome could not have been better.

# Always be honest

To yourself, so that you can always make decisions based on the facts. To others, so that they will know you are consistent.

# Always be wholesome

So that you can look at your difficult relationships and tell yourself that it's difficult because of their own reasons, not something you have done.

# Fascination / Curiosity

Gives you enjoyment of the tasks that your are performing. Don't seek the enjoyment outright, focus on the task.

# Learn to like

Things that are accessible and within reach.

# Learn to avoid

Things that are inaccessible and give only fleeting happiness.

# Learn to be grateful

For the things you already have

# When you want to be the best

Build on your strengths

# When you want to be resilient

Work on your weaknesses