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Personal zettlekasten.

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# Startups

Supabase (opens new window) - Co-Founder & CEO
The open source Firebase alternative.

Nimbus For Work (opens new window) - Co-Founder & CTO
Nimbus is an office management platform and service provider.

ServisHero (opens new window) - Co-Founder & CTO
ServisHero is one of South-East Asia's largest marketplaces for service providers.

# Projects

Mental Models (opens new window)
Mental models are unchanging fundamentals for a particular subject, popularised by Charlie Munger.

Current Events (opens new window)
Wikipedia's current events, delivered daily to your inbox.

postgres.email (opens new window)
PostgreSQL Email Lists, with a more readable interface.

# Investments

I invest in open source and devtools:

Appflowy (opens new window), Cal.com (opens new window), CodeCrafters (opens new window), Deepnote (opens new window), Doppler (opens new window), Hydra (opens new window), MedusaJS (opens new window), Snaplet (opens new window).

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