A high level introduction to soil, agronomy, and nutrients.

Multiple git repositories

Keeping your computer in sync when you have many git repositories to manage.

Email to a friend

The time I hired a virtual assistant from India called Nirmal and used him to email my friends and family.

Admirable startups

It’s common advice to have a list of heroes who you admire and can emulate. This is my equivalent and ever-changing list of businesseses, and the reasons why I admire them.

New Business Checklist

I’m often or thinking of new businesses, or asked to help launch them for someone. The following is an (ever changing) checklist to ensure that the business is worth my time.


You are unhappy, and it’s because you want things. This is the most important concept to understand and the most impossible behaviour to change.

What’s the point of the Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is simple to explain: it’s the internet, manifested in the physical world. The physical world and digital worlds are converging.

Collaborate on inputs, compete on outputs

What makes a good monopoly and what makes a bad monopoly?

Write Like Paul Graham

Deconstructing the readable writing style of Paul Graham

Dividing founders equity

There’s plenty of advice about dividing equity for startup founders. There are even calculators online that do it for you. This post isn’t about how to divide equity. It’s about coming to terms with the decision.

Using a t2.nano on AWS Beanstalk

Adding a swap file to small Beanstalk servers so that they don’t fail when installing npm packages.


Introducing culture into your company through spontaneity.

Improving console.log on Atom

How to set up a shortcut in Atom for better console logging.

Performant web using debounce and throttle

Two different methods for rate limiting in your code.

How to build a latticework of knowledge

My personal solution for documenting knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Nueralink and brain-computer interfaces

Early speculation of the strategies that Elon’s next company will follow.

Pyrolysis as a solution to waste tires

Using pyrolysis to deal with waste tires is arguably the most economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Hosting a website on S3

How to set up a static site on AWS S3.