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Ray Dalio's Book "Principles" outlines ways of dealing with reality to get what you want out of life. I find "Principles" too black and white for decision making frameworks. I prefer to approach mental models in "Levels" where you can start small and build towards a perfect model.

Richard Fienman famously kept a list of "Things I don't know". This is my own list and zettlekasten - a repository of personal knowledge that I update from time to time when I find interesting links or research a topic. These small changes are like compound interest. I only expect them to be useful and accurate after a lifetime of updates.

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# Startups

Supabase - Co-Founder & CEO
Supabase provides instant Realtime APIs on top of PostgreSQL for developers, without a single line of code.

Nimbus For Work - Co-Founder & CTO
Nimbus is an office management platform and service provider.

ServisHero - Co-Founder & CTO
ServisHero is one of South-East Asia's largest marketplaces for service providers.

# Projects

Mental Models
Mental models are unchanging fundamentals for a particular subject, popularised by Charlie Munger.

Current Events
Wikipedia's current events, delivered daily to your inbox.

Sheet Metal
Turn any Google Sheet into a database.

Quick, Font!
Some good fonts for prototyping or snazzing up an prototype (without having to go through the pain of downloading & installing).

Buy Meth
Buy [M]isleading [E]ncrypted [Th]umbnails. A cryptographic marketplace built for an Ethereum Hackathon.

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