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Some off-topic explorations, personal opinions, and generally anything that I will regret writing over the passage of time.

Sat May 23 2020

Realtime User Store

Live updating user data stores.

Wed Jul 01 2020

Why Nations Succeed

The effects of a national identity.

Sat Oct 10 2020

Why open source?

I receive many requests to talk about open source, and the questions are often similar. This post answers the most frequent questions.

Mon Nov 27 2023

Friction Logs

A tool for giving feedback

Sat May 11 2024

VR Theory of the World

Our world is limited to our 5 senses

Sun Jan 14 2024

Enterprise Sales vs Product-led Growth

The devtools cycle

Sun May 24 2020

Profit Sharing

How to compensate employees.

Wed Mar 11 2020

How to Agile

How agile should be done.

Sun Nov 10 2019

Do nothing

The unreasonable effectiveness of doing nothing.

Thu Jul 25 2019

Design tips for developers

Design tips for developers

Tue Jun 25 2019

How to throw a boomerang

A personal anecdote on learning.

Fri Apr 19 2019

Nimbus Tech Stack (2019)

An overview of the tech stack and the rationale behind it.

Tue May 01 2018

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is simple to explain - it’s the internet, manifested in the physical world. The physical world and digital worlds are converging.

Sun Mar 11 2018

Email to a friend

The time I hired a virtual assistant from India called Nirmal and used him to email my friends and family.

Sun Nov 19 2017

Dividing Equity

How to divide equity.

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