# Sales


# B2B Techniques


  • Metrics: What is the economic impact of the solution?
    • How would you measure success of your project?
    • Which metrics around cost, efficiency or business do you need to achieve?
    • How would this success be measured by business?
  • Economic Buyer: Who has profit and loss responsibility for this?
    • "If you & I come to an agreement, is there anybody else formally or informally that would need to be involved or approve?"
    • Do you sponsor the project?
    • What does success look like for you?
    • What are the next steps, if we fulfil the success criteria?
  • Decision Criteria: What are their technical, vendor and financial criteria?
    • What are the technical criteria to make a decision?
    • How do you calculate the ROI for this project to justify the investment?
  • Decision Process: Then what happens? Define validation and approval?
    • Which people are involved and what are the steps to reach the decision?
    • How is this put in sequential order and on which timeline is it based?
    • How does the approval process look like for $100K, $500K or $1 million?
    • Paper: How is the legal construct set up? Are there frame agreements in place? What are the critical mandatory terms and conditions? Which contractual paperwork is the basis of negotiation?
  • Paperwork: What legal/paperwork do they need?
    • What legal docs do they need from us?
    • Which artifacts can we provide which can help with the decision making process?
  • Identify Pain: What are their primary business objectives? Find strong pains
    • Pain: What causes the delays?
    • Implication: What does this mean to you and the company?
    • Is it really compelling: What is the consequence of doing nothing? Does it impact your business?
  • Champion: Who will sell on your behalf?
    • Why is this person a champion?
    • Does this person have the influence?
    • What is his/her personal interest?
    • Will he/her stand up for you and sell for you when you are not there?

The Mantra

  • If I understand correctly, you want to achieve the following business outcomes...
  • Which require the capabilities to...
  • And impact the following metrics...
  • Here’s how we do it...
  • And here’s how we outpace our competition...
  • For more info, you can check out the following proof points...

# Mental models

Not sales, consulting

When you think of salespeople they are generally people without my best interests at heart. They’re trying to close the deal. They don’t really know or care about the things I want. Great sales isn’t about closing the deal, it starts with understanding the customer. Think of yourself as a consultant or a trusted advisor. You’re trying to help the customer get the outcome they want (and maybe that’s not buying your product).

# Resources

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