# Life

Decision making framework for life events


# Minimise regret

Make decisions based on the least possible regret.

# Always try your best

So that you can always look back and be satisfied that the outcome could not have been better.

  • Level 1: Put in the mimimum effort required to get a task done.
  • Level 2: Put in a focused and mindful effort for each task singlemindedly.
  • Level 3: Approach a task/situation as an opportunity to become greater.

# Always be honest

To yourself, so that you can always make decisions based on the facts. To others, so that they will know you are consistent.

  • Level 1: Don't tell a lie to someone else
  • Level 2: Don't exaggerate a truth to someone else
  • Level 3: Don't lie to yourself. This requires a level of awareness and intellectual honesty which is extremely difficult.

# Always be wholesome

So that you can look at your difficult relationships and tell yourself that it's difficult because of their own reasons, not something you have done.

  • Level 1: Don't be unkind or gossip.
  • Level 2: Be kind to others, even when you don't feel you need to be.
  • Level 3: Be kind to others, even when you don't want to be.
  • Level 4: Wish well for others.
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