# Climbing

# Terminology

  • Dynamic climbing: lots of jumping around
  • Static climbing: smooth, precise movements

# Holds

  • Jugs: Massive handlholds that you can grip completely
  • Pinchers: flatter handholds that require you to hold hard with your thumb
  • Crimps: tiny holds that you can only fit your fingers on
  • Sloper: big spherical grabs that you have to hold with open palms.
  • slots and pockets

# Tips

  • Keep you arms straight to save energy
  • Try not to constantly readjust, be deliberate about your grabs and movements
  • Body position: flagging. When you reach up and right, balance by putting your left foot down and left. Basically you want to be stretched out to keep balanced

# Grip

  • Don't grip too tight. Only use as much pressure as you need.

# Footwork

# Grips

  • Slopers
    • These are easier when you "hang down" and keep your weight below them. As soon as you become level with them they are harder to hold.
    • Cover as much as possible with your hand (opens new window)
    • don't pull too hard on them you will loose grip. Keep your arms straight and just hang your body weight
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