# Awesome List

A list of tools and resources.

Name OSS Tags Discussion / Comments
Huggin 👍 Automation Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf - HN
Airflow 👍 Automation Programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.
NodeRed 👍 Automation Low-code programming for event-driven applications.
n8n 👍 Automation Open Source Alternative for Zapier - HN
Seliom 👎 Automation Automate any human workflow - HN
Pipedream 👎 Automation The integration platform built for developers - HN
Falco 👍 Monitoring Open-Source Web Performance Monitoring - HN
Bird Eats Bug 👎 Testing Record and share bugs including console logs
BravoApp 👎 NoCode, Figma, App Turn Figma prototypes into native iOS & Android apps instantly - HN
Supernova 👎 NoCode, App Convert Sketch Flutter, iOS, Android and React Native apps.
CoScreen 👎 Remote, Collaboration Turns your secondary display into your joint team desktop - HN
EasyDb 👎 Database A one-click database. No server required. - HN
Rudder 👍 Analytics Open-source Segment alternative. - HN
Embrace 👎 Apps, Testing Like FullStory for Apps. - HN
Inlets 👍 Tools Expose your local endpoints to the Internet. - HN
GoAccess 👍 Logging Analytics for Access Logs.
CodeServer 👍 Tools Run VS Code on a remote server. - HN
Tailwind 👍 Design, CSS A Utility-First CSS Framework. - HN
1MB 👎 hosting, static Free static website hosting and database - HN
Fast 👎 hosting, static Hosting for Files, Images, Apps, etc
ipfs-deploy 👍 hosting, static Deploy Static Websites to IPFS - HN
Tettra 👎 Wiki, KB Knowledge base for teams
eSQLate 👎 Admin Build minimum viable admin panels with just SQL - HN
Autocode 👎 LowCode, Automation Automatically generate API code for SaaS apps - HN
Intercooler 👍 JS framework AJAX With Attributes
Contextualise 👍 Knowledgebase Manage your knowledge - HN
Baretest 👍 JS, Testing A Minimalistic Alternative to Jest - HN
Typesense 👍 Search Open-Source Alternative to Algolia - HN
KOPS 👍 Kubernetes Kubernetes Operations - HN
Linear 👎 Issue Tracker Issue Tracking
patchbay.pub 👍 Automation Poor man's ngrok/IFTTT/serverless - HN
RoughViz 👍 Charts Create sketchy/hand-drawn style charts - HN
Flowy 👍 Charts Create flowcharts - HN
AutoSSL 👎 SSL SSL for SaaS Providers - HN
bash-lib 👍 Bash Library for bash utility methods and tools - HN
Redily 👎 Redis Redis Gui - HN
Polynote 👍 Notebook IDE-inspired polyglot notebook - HN
RawGraphs 👍 Charts Vector-based visualizations from spreadsheets - HN
Zero 👍 Fun Terminal 3D graphics - HN
Spider 👎 Scraping Easy and cheap way to scrape - HN
DiagramJS 👍 Charts Node diagrams and graphs - HN
Spotify TUI 👍 Fun A Spotify client for the terminal - HN
imgproxy 👍 Image compression Standalone server for resizing and converting remote images
thubmbor 👍 Image compression On-demand crop, resizing and flipping of images
Streamlit 👍 ML, Notebook The fastest way to build custom ML tools - HN
TaskLemon 👍 File Manipulation JS Alternative to Bash Scripting - HN
LeonSans 👍 Font geometric sans-serif typeface - HN
ShapeForm 👍 Forms Schema Driven Forms - HN
React JSON Form 👍 Forms Schema Driven Forms
React JSON Form 👍 Forms Schema Driven Forms
Frontier Forms 👍 Forms Schema Driven Forms
Uniforms 👍 Forms Schema Driven Forms
Draftbit 👎 Apps, NoCode Build apps from the browser
Elastic APM 👍 APM, Monitoring Open source application performance monitoring
Webhook.site 👎 Webhooks, Testing easily test webhooks and other types of HTTP requests
React Nice Dates 👍 Dates, React React Date Lib - HN
Wildcard 👍 RPC Functions as API - HN
Snowpack 👍 JS Build Build a web application without a bundler - HN
jExcel 👍 JS, Spreadsheet create HTML spreadsheets - HN
Geo-Info 👎 Geo Simple geocoding API - HN
StarTrack 👍 Fun GitHub star history and stats - HN
Ciao 👍 Monitoring HTTP checks and tests monitoring - HN
Staart 👍 LowCode Backend, API, and payments starter for SaaS startups - HN
ssl-config 👍 SSL SSL Configuration Generator - HN
DBLog 👍 CDC Change Data Capture
Kasaya 👍 Testing A "WYSIWYG" for browser automation - HN
Playwright 👍 Testing Node library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit
Helium 👍 Testing Selenium-python but lighter - HN
Selenium 👍 Testing Browser automation testing
Selenium 👍 Testing Browser automation testing
Pulumi 👍 Infra Modern Infrastructure as Code
Umami 👍 Analytics simple, fast, website analytics alternative to Google Analytics.