# Lisp

It's said that learning lisp makes you a better programmer, even if you don't use it day to day. This post will likely span over several years as I continue to passively learn list. I don't plan to write much about lisp itself, but rather give a chronological history of the resources I found useful.

# Progress: inspired

I don't have a whole history of the reasons why I want to learn lisp. Most of all it's from comments I see on HackerNews. Here are some other things that persuaded me that lisp is worth learning.

# Progress: noob

  • I started reading the book The Little Schemer, which is highly recommended across the internet. I decided that it would be more helpful to learn a bit of lisp syntax first (car?, cdr?).
  • I watched this Scheme Lisp: Feel the Cool by Andy Balaam on YouTube. I've never learned programming from videos, but actually I found this really helpful.

# Resources

  • https://www.amazon.com/Lisp-Small-Pieces-Christian-Queinnec/dp/0521545668